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Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit BIOS 0039: Overview

The Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit BIOS 0039 is a compact and powerful device specifically designed for use in various industries such as retail, digital signage, and home entertainment. The device boasts a powerful Intel Pentium Silver J5005 processor, making it capable of running even the most demanding applications with ease.

List of features

  1. Intel Pentium Silver J5005 Processor: This device features a Quad-Core Intel Pentium Silver J5005 Processor which makes it capable of carrying out complex computing tasks with no slowdowns or stutters.
  2. Intel HD Graphics: The Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit BIOS 0039 is equipped with reliable and efficient Intel HD Graphics technology, delivering stunning graphics for a superior visual experience.
  3. Up to 10GB DDR4 Memory: This device supports up to 10GB DDR4 Memory, providing ample space for storing large files for enhanced performance and great multitasking capabilities.
  4. Wide range of connectivity options: Featuring a wide range of connectivity options which include one front headset jack, front HDMI 2.0a Port, front USB 3.1 Port, rear HDMI 2.0 Port, and rear Ethernet ports, this device can easily be connected to other peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and gaming controllers.


Model Number NUC7PJYH
Processor Intel Pentium Silver J5005 Processor
Memory Up to 10GB DDR4 Memory
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Storage Supports M.2 SSD and 2.5" hard drives
Ports and Connectivity HDMI 2.0a, USB 3.1, Ethernet ports, Headset jack
OS Support Windows 10, Linux, and more

Using Technologies

Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)

The Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit BIOS 0039 is powered by Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x). This technology allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on the same machine, providing maximum flexibility for IT computers who need to maintain software compatibility while switching from one OS to the other.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Intel Rapid Storage Technology provides high-performance firmware-controlled RAID management software for optimal protection of data as well as fast access to files.

Intel HD Graphics Technology

Intel Integrated Graphics delivers impressive multimedia display capabilities, vivid presentations and effortless multitasking.

Known Issues with this device

One of the known issues with the device is screen flickering which occurs mostly while working with certain versions of Windows operating system. This can often be resolved through a BIOS update to 0044 or later version.


If you're experiencing issues with your Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit BIOS 0039, many of these common problems can be quickly resolved by using some easy troubleshooting steps. 1. Check the Power Supply: Make sure the power cable is properly plugged into the unit and the wall socket. 2. Run a BIOS Update: Make sure the device is running on the latest BIOS firmware version. 3. Check the RAM: Remove and re-insert the RAM, making sure they are aligned properly in the socket.

Information about the driver

The latest BIOS 0039 version for the Intel NUC7PJYH NUC Kit is available on the Intel website. The latest driver for this device can also be downloaded and installed using Intel's Driver Update Utility. The Driver Update Utility can automatically identify the latest drivers for Intel processors and create a backup of the user's current drivers to make updating painless.