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Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE 1.0 Bios 1.3 - Peripheral Device Overview

Introduction: The Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE 1.0 is a motherboard with the latest high-performance features designed for gaming enthusiasts. Specifically, this motherboard is modified from its standard AA8XE counterpart to meet the demands of professional gamer Fatal1ty, making it one of the best peripheral devices for gamers.


  1. Intelligent CPU Fan - this feature enables the fan to change speed depending on the temperature of the CPU.
  2. Extended Memory Capacity - It comes with DDR2 SD RAM sockets which can take a maximum memory of up to four gigabytes, ensuring lower failure rates compared to others.
  3. High Definition Output - With various audio features, this peripheral device supports up to eight channels stereo through SoundMax or AC-Based codecs, making it highly optimized for gaming.
  4. Sensor array - This feature helps to monitor the environmental variables and critical overall system components like fans, temperatures or voltages in real-time to avoid thermal-related failure.
  5. Compatibility with Various Operating Systems - The device is highly compatible with different operating systems, which eliminates the need for users to purchase new devices, for instance, once or away operating systems.


  • Dimension: 302 X 245mm
  • High performance, gaming-targeted CPU architecture
  • Supported CPUS: Pentium 4
  • RAM Socket: Four DDR2 SD RAM sockets
  • Hard-drives: Four SATA interfaces and four PATA interfaces
  • Chipset: Intel 925XE Express Chipset with Intel ICH6R Southbridge.
  • Pconnectivity: Ultra DMA Headers for Six Devices and D-FI Pconectivity
  • Resolved Overcloclocking Bottlenecks
  • Graphic Interfacel: PCI Express VGA Interface

Using technologies

  • CPU Hardware Prefetch/Caching Capabilities
  • Scaled-down Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI)
  • Embedded Audio Codec - AC'97 codex supporing 8Channels (AD IN/OUT)
  • Dual channel DDR2 memory supporting up to 32GB/s and 8GB of memory space.

Known Issues with this device, Troubleshooting faults

  1. Onboard soundcard problems: A known issue is the failure of onboard sound, and the default settings can be deleted or altered in the process resulting in failure behaviours. It is advisable to purchase separate sound providing devices if this issue arises.
  2. Bios update Issues: Firmware issues including unstable frames & possible Burned peripherals, and Driver subsystems defined by white/black lists incompatible or untested drivers. Ensure you pursue directions in data-sheet documents or technician manuals regarding these issues.
  3. System Freeze: System crash resulting from thermal-related failures or inadequate system debugging functionality. Ensure adequate ventilation is provided while maintaining the optimum temperature required by all devices

About its Driver

Drivers being an enabling software installable on the device to ensure the optimal performance of a device, various user and manufacturer manuals suggest obtaining and installing protective registry/protective drivers are an optimization to ensure general systems best practice. Media Tech has a support platform where various drivers for devices are provided upon logins which aspire to mitigate known issues arising from miscellaneous mishaps. Often, the device package arrives with guiding documents which help in installing their appropriate drivers upon successful device installation. it is suggested that in encountering an issue with the device, visits to the manufacturers’ website can provide a more permanent solution with technicians’ assistance.