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Sony Vaio VPCEE37FX TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0

The Sony Vaio VPCEE37FX TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0 is a peripheral device designed for use with the Sony Vaio laptop series. It is a software utility that allows users to customize their touchpad settings to suit their needs and preferences. The utility serves as an interface between the touchpad hardware and the operating system, allowing users to tweak their touchpad to their liking.

List of Features

  • Customizable touchpad settings
  • Gestures and other advanced touchpad features
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Compatible with a range of Sony Vaio laptops


The Sony Vaio VPCEE37FX TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0 is compatible with laptop models in the Sony Vaio E series. It requires a Windows operating system and supports a range of touchpad gestures and settings.

Using Technologies

The TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0 utilizes advanced touchpad technologies to enable users to perform various gestures and multi-touch behaviors, including two-finger scrolling, zooming, and rotating. The utility also incorporates user preferences into the touchpad settings, ensuring that users are able to customized gestures and other functionalities to their preference.

Known Issues with this Device, Troubleshooting

One common issue with the Sony Vaio VPCEE37FX TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0 is compatibility issues with non-Sony laptops, as the software is specifically designed for use with Vaio E series devices. Another issue is errors and crashes caused by outdated drivers or corrupt configuration files.

If you experience any issues while using the TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0, some basic troubleshooting steps to try include updating your drivers to the latest versions, clearing temporary files, and checking for any conflicting programs that may interfere with its proper functioning.

About its Driver

The Sony Vaio VPCEE37FX TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0 driver is a software program designed to enable the utility to work properly. The driver is typically pre-installed on Sony Vaio E series laptops or can be downloaded and installed from the Sony Vaio support website. Updating your driver to the latest version can help to improve the performance of the utility and fix any issues that may be caused by outdated drivers.