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Toshiba Tecra PT644C-04C02D Intel Rapid Start Driver

The Toshiba Tecra PT644C-04C02D is a highly recommended laptop for all of your computing needs. One of the most important aspects of this device is the Intel Rapid Start Driver. The Rapid Start technology behind the driver significantly cuts down on the time required for your computer to resume from standby or hibernate mode. This means that you can get your work done faster and with less waiting. This particular driver version provides the latest performance benefits and serves as an upgrade for the previous 3.0.0 version.


  • Compatibility with Windows 7 64-bit version
  • Intel Rapid Start drivers minimize the boot-up time and disk response to customers’ needs
  • Automated solution contacts dynamic policy-based operators to address outages successfully


The Intel Rapid Start Driver for Windows 7 64-bit ensures an optimized and smooth experience whenever standby or hibernate modes are activated. Simply put, instead of waiting for the whole system to boot up, the driver only wakes up the parts of memory and system necessary for immediate use. It reduces startup times and overall usage, leading to a smoother laptop experience and increased opportunity for productivity.

Known Issues

While Toshiba regularly releases updates to their drivers, there is no guarantee that there won't be frequent app crashes and performance minimization over time. Some common problems such as driver uninstallation disabilities or partial language support, as well as settings that fail to respond well, have been reported. More specifically, if the laptop is not equipped with an SSD-based active protection system, it cannot initiate a hibernation transitional period for similar IOS devices intending to match performance.


If your Toshiba Tecra PT644C-04C02D has driver issues, your best action is to update the driver to the latest version – that is the prudent approach, given this driver's consistent reports of optimization in performance since its first release. Users should check for any available updates and attempt to install those through Toshiba Service Station accounts. If you experience difficulties installing or operating the current version, the most effective measure to remediate may be: to reach out to Toshiba support teams promptly, either through contact numbers allotted in user’s manual or through an internet conversation with a Helpdesk Technician.