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Sony VAIO SVS13125CDB Overview

The Sony VAIO SVS13125CDB is a high-performance laptop computer designed for professionals and power users who demand speed, reliability, and functionality. This laptop comes with a range of impressive features and specifications that are sure to impress even the most discerning users.

List of Features

  1. 8 GHz Intel Core i7-3520M Processor
  2. 6" Full HD 1080p anti-glare LED Backlit Display
  3. 4 GB DDR3 RAM (upgradable up to 16 GB)
  4. Five Fast USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI port
  5. 1 TB HDD + 32 GB SSD
  6. Intel ME Driver for Windows 8 64-bit
  7. Backlit keyboard
  8. VGA , LAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
  9. CD and DVD Read/Write optical drive
  10. Battery life up to 8 hours


CPU Intel Core i7-3520M 2.9 GHz
GPU Intel HD 4000 graphics
Storage 1 TB HDD + 32 GB SSD
Display 13.3-inch Full HD 1080p Anti-glare LED backlit display
Dimensions 12.44 x 8.52 x 0.95 inch
Connectivity Five USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit LAN, Memory card reader, NFC
Operating System Windows 8 64-bit
Weight 3.97 lb with battery

Using Technologies

  1. Intel Core i7 Processor – for fast and powerful performance.
  2. Intel HD 4000 graphics – delivers superior visual and image quality.
  3. Anti-glare LED backlit display – provides clear, sharp and brighter visuals.
  4. USB 3.0 – ultra-fast transfer speeds for files or data.
  5. SSD Memory – large and fast storage capacity for a better experience.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

Some common issues that users may face with the Sony VAIO SVS13125CDB include:
  • Slow performance – if your Sony VAIO is running slowly, try closing any unnecessary programs or uninstalling any unused software. You can also free up space in your hard disk by deleting unnecessary files or data.
  • Driver errors – if any of your drivers are not working properly, you can try reinstalling them or downloading the latest version from the manufacturers’ website. Sony VAIO SVS13125CDB Intel ME Driver for Windows 8 64-bit can be downloaded and reinstalled by visiting the official website of Sony or Intel.
  • Overheating – this can be caused by several factors including too much use, high ambient temperatures, clogged fans, etc. Overheating prevention is always good practice. It protects and reduces any possible damage of produced components

Intel ME Driver for Windows 8 64-bit Information

The Intel ME Driver for Windows 8 64-bit is an essential driver for this device which helps to regulate and optimize the performance of the laptop. It should be regularly updated to ensure that the laptop is functioning at its optimum potential. This driver provides security mechanisms and data protection. Prohibited applications and services shall not access to data stored in registers, memory or timetables associated with ME. It allows high-end performance processors to finish demanding tasks. Users can download the Intel ME Driver for Windows 8 64-bit by visiting the official website of either intel or the manufacturer (Sony).