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Device Description: MSI E3M V5 Realtek LAN Driver

The MSI E3M V5 Realtek LAN Driver 10.008.0311.2016 for Windows 10 is a peripheral device used in computer systems to connect them to a Local Area Network (LAN). This device is manufactured by MSI, a renowned brand in computer hardware and peripheral devices. With this LAN Driver, it becomes possible for the computer system to leverage the power and capabilities of a LAN and enabling internet access, file sharing, and other functions that require LAN connectivity.


  • It supports all versions of windows 10
  • The Driver offers unprecedented ease of use and compatibility How to use it
  • Provides improved Internet connectivity with support for LAN-based connections at high speed
  • It supports Faster streaming of online videos and games by prioritizing LAN traffic and reducing latency.
  • Offers higher reliability, stability, and compatibility, even with outdated network systems due to its self-configuring ability.


  • Manufacturer: MSI
  • Device Type: Realtek LAN Driver
  • Supported Operating System(s): Windows 10 (32/64bits)
  • Interface Type: PCI-E
  • Data Transfer Rate: 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Hardware Encryption: AES
  • Wake-On-LAN: Yes

Using technology

The MSI E3M V5 Realtek LAN Driver 10.008.0311.2016 uses advanced networking technology developed by Realtek to deliver high-speed internet connectivity for your computer system. The technology employed is enabled by an Ethernet connection that operates on PCI Express 1.1 technology, which is known for its fast connectivity and faster transfer speeds.

Known Issues

Although this LAN driver from MSI offers unprecedented speeds and reliability, it is not without its limitations. Some users have complained of a system malfunction after a computer restart. In some cases, overnight downloads of large files can cause the driver to drop the internet connection. Such limitations can be fixed by getting the latest available Realtek LAN driver or seeking assistance from support, and by ensuring that the latest windows update is installed on the computer system.


Suppose you encounter any connectivity issues or have updated divers with this Realtek network driver try disable and enable your network interface. This problem occasionally happens when there is software meets hardware mismatch the driver thinks the network cable is unplugged when it is inserted or vice versa switch on & off.


It is important to keep in mind that this peripheral device often requires the installation of its compatible driver to access all its features comfortably. The MSI E3M V5 Realtek LAN Driver 10.008.0311.2016 driver comes as an executable that installs itself on windows 10. Have your hardware connected to your computer system, run it, follow the prompts, and you should have the MSI E3M V5 Realtek LAN driver installed on your computer.