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Device Overview

The NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4421A-ACUN PCIe card firmware 14.30.1004 is a network interface controller that allows high-speed connectivity to a local network. It is developed for high-performance computing (HPC) and advanced data center applications.

List of Features

  • Support for 200Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet speeds.
  • On-board memory: 4GB of memory.
  • Support for RDMA/RoCE to enable low-latency communications within data center environments.
  • VPI support: Supports both InfiniBand and Ethernet protocols for versatility.
  • Multi-socket optimization: Optimized for multi-CPU architectures for reduced latency and increasing system scalability.
  • Extended multi-core RDMA support specifically for x86_64, with local accelerator hardware such as FPGAs doing OpenAddressing DMA & host bypass.


Specification Description
Ports Dual port QSFP28 with Port 1 configurable for LAN or QSFP and Port 2 fixed for 200Gb/s InifiniBand HDR
Internal memory 4GB HBME, RAM chips with ECC error correcting
PCIe Standard PCIe 4.0 x16, compatible with PCIe 3.0 x16 and HCA cards
Form Factor Full Height, Half Length PCIe Profile, Single or Dual Support

Technologies Used

The NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4421A-ACUN PCIe Card Firmware 14.30.1004 utilizes a range of proven HPC and networking technologies including:

  • Mellanox networking technologies.
  • IBAD ISA and SRP data transfer protocols over InfiniBand.
  • MST driver for multi-queue balance on latest distributions.
  • MPI and HPC software.
  • TotalEt nation execution on most Linux flavors including SuSE, Redhat and Ubuntu.

Known Issues

As with every firmware or driver product, there is always a chance to run into issue when installing this device. Once it has been brought into operation, known errors are very uncommon.


If there is any difficulty when using this hardware, it is always a better option to consult corresponding OS-maintained official driver site. Nevertheless Mellanox Linux lab supplies extensive usage support over its technical community service portal.

Driver Information

The driver for NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4421A-ACUN PCIe Card Firmware 14.30.1004 can be downloaded from Mellanox's official Linux driver package page. The driver tab provides a download link for both of a comprehensive maintain package and firmware driver separately according to the workload requirement.