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Device Overview: NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4131A-BCAT PCIe Card Firmware 14.28.1002

The NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4131A-BCAT PCIe Card is a high-performance, low-latency InfiniBand card that provides petabyte-scale networking for high-performance computing, cloud, and Web 2.0 applications. The firmware version 14.28.1002 is the latest version available, that is designed to provide enhanced performance and stability. This firmware is supported by Mellanox OFED driver version 5.2.2.

List of Features

  • Support for dual-core 1.7GHz ROCm-based connectx-4 adapters
  • Uniform latency and zero packet loss regardless of load
  • Support for multi-core CPUs, maintaining high-performance rate with large number cores
  • Virtualization tunneling and monitoring capabilities supporting OpenVSwitch and OpenFlow 1.3
  • Load balancing with Mellanox VMA
  • Mellanox InfiniBand hardware offload
  • DMA shared device memory
  • Direct peer-to-peer communication support with GPUDirect RDMA technology
  • Reduced Switch Radix Lookup within ONVM NFF-Go Service Function Chaining (SFC)


Product Name MCX4131A-BCAT
Part Number MCX4131A-BCAT
Vendor Mellanox
Form factor PCI Express 3.0 x 16
InfiniBand ports 1 QSFP28
Infiniband data rate 100 Gb/s
Device RAM 512MB
Protocol InfiniBand and Ethernet
O/S Support Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, VMware

Using Technologies

The NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4131A-BCAT PCIe Card works on many interface protocols as mentioned above for InfiniBand and Ethernet. It uses Mellanox OFED driver version 5.2.2 that works with most of the operating systems.

Known Issues with this Device

  • Occasional link restarts when in high switch-loading
  • Long network cable lengths may lead to broken or disturbed stacking


Here are some steps one can take when troubleshooting this device:

  1. Make sure the device is seated properly in the computer
  2. Scan for error logs in order to find an explanatory cause of errors.
  3. Check for any known compatibilities or adjustment issues with the operating system being utilized.
  4. Put in maximum cleaning procedures, ensuring for compatibility issues with system’s devices and components.
  5. Determine if the underlying drivers and system configurations are the latest release which may improve functionality.

Device Driver

For easy installation and optimum performance of the NVIDIA Mellanox MCX4131A-BCAT PCIe Card on your computer, refer to "Linux Users Manual" included within Mellanox OFED driver version 5.2.2.