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Mellanox MHRH29-XSC rev.A2 Adapter Card Firmware 2.9.1000

The Mellanox MHRH29-XSC rev.A2 adapter card firmware is designed to increase network performance through faster data communication between servers and switches. This adapter card is an industry-leading solution that delivers high bandwidth, low latency, and maximum application performance.


  • Optimized for virtualized environments that require high I/O throughput and low latency.
  • The ability to consolidate multiple physical connections into a single network adapter.
  • Supports remote boot and wake-on-LAN (WoL) features.
  • The ability to manage multiple firmware images on a single server.


  • Interface: PCI Express 2.0 x8
  • Data Transfer Rate: 100Gbps full duplex
  • Max. Packet Size: 9.6K Byte
  • Ports: 2

Technologies Used:

  • Ethernet: IEEE 802.3x
  • IP ARP, IPv4 and IPv6
  • TCP/IP: TCPv4, TCPv6, UDPv4, UDPv6, IPsec
  • Protocol: RoCE, VLAN tagging

Known Issues and Troubleshooting:

The Mellanox MHRH29-XSC rev.A2 adapter card may face the following potential issues:

  • System compatibility due to firmware or hardware limitations.
  • Performance issues due to outdated firmware.
  • Compatibility issues between firmware version and driver software.

If you are facing such issues, the best course of action would be to update all firmware and driver software to the latest version that is compatible with your system.


The Mellanox MHRH29-XSC rev.A2 adapter card drivers can be downloaded from Mellanox's official website or can be found along with the firmware and documentation for the corresponding adapter card model.