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Device: MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC Nahimic Utility 2.5.23

The MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC Nahimic Utility 2.5.23 is a high-end motherboard designed for gamers and power users. It has a micro ATX form factor and is based on the Intel X299 chipset. It supports Intel Core X-Series processors and up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM.


  • Support for Intel Core X-Series processors
  • High-speed DDR4 memory support
  • Multiple M.2 and U.2 slots for high-speed storage
  • Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Gaming LAN with LAN Protect and Intel Gigabit LAN
  • Audio Boost 4 technology for immersive audio experience
  • MSI Mystic Light synchronized RGB lighting technology
  • Nahimic 2+ audio technology for 3D sound


CPU Supports Intel Core X-Series processors
Chipset Intel X299 Chipset
Memory 4 x DDR4 memory slots, supporting up to 64GB
Storage 3 x M.2 slots (Key M), 1 x U.2 port
LAN 1 x Intel Gigabit LAN, 1 x Gaming LAN with LAN Protect
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Intel Wi-Fi AC Blueooth 4.2 combo card
Audio Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic 2+ technology

Using technologies:

The MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard uses a variety of technologies to deliver outstanding performance and features. These include:

  • DDR4 memory support for high-speed, low-latency performance
  • M.2 and U.2 ports for ultra-fast storage capability
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication
  • Audio Boost 4 for detailed, immersive sound
  • Gaming LAN with LAN Protect for reduced latency and smoother gameplay

Known issues:

There are few known issues reported with the MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard except for the possible BIOS update errors, Third-party software incompatibilities, and driver conflicts which are usually sporadic and can be resolved swiftly with prescribed troubleshooting techniques.


BIOS update errors

If you face issues updating the BIOS, you have to check for the current specifications of drivers and if you are updating with a unique version. Moreover, you have to make sure to have no volatile data dependencies and should save a version restoring data.

Incompatibilities with third-party software

Incompatibilities can be due to unclear instructions from the third party or the system requirements needed to support the usage of the software, you may contact customer support for further inquiries.

Driver conflicts

Boot into safe mode in control panel settings choose the un-installation option for all conflicting drivers, thereafter, you will see the prompt bar, select un-install , restart your system from safe mode to your network resources.


Drivers suitable for the machine's hardware are present on the MSI official website. To download select motherboard and subsequent operating system of choice, Ensure installation instruction is followed for neatly installing drivers.