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Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) On/Off Charge Utility B18.0621.1

The Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) On/Off Charge Utility B18.0621.1 is a high-quality peripheral device for a comprehensive range of computers. It's specialized to help with drivers and software related issues for the On/Off Charge functionality of the motherboard.


The Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) On/Off Charge Utility B18.0621.1 provides several options to make charging various devices via USB much easier. It enables device charging while the system is on, while in sleep mode, or even after shutting down. It not only saves you time by providing maximum charging benefits without affecting the other devices connected through USB ports but also gives high-quality protection against power surges to connected gadgets.


  • Quick Charge feature enables synchronizing with more devices and providing higher power than standard USB devices.
  • Compatibility with smartphones, tablets and other devices from different manufacturers
  • Provides ultra-fast charging with additional Power-over-Qualcomm v3.0
  • The On/Off Charge Utility ensures you straightforwardly connect and charge your mobile gadgets by providing additional protection through Smart USB protection
  • Easiest charging options even when your computer is shut down
  • It monitors the current functions to provide more energy-efficient charging to your smartphones and tablets.


  • Manufacturer: Gigabyte
  • Type: On/Off Charging Utility
  • Version: B18.0621.1
  • Compatibility: Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) motherboards
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Using technologies

The Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) On/Off Charge Utility B18.0621.1 uses up-to-the-minute contemporary techniques to provide fast charging and Intelligent detection when deciding the devices the user requires to be charged. This Utility protects the device from power usage irregularities and short circuits while charging.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues associated with Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) On/Off Charge Utility B18.0621.1 installation and operation processes.


If you're experiencing Issue or any failure while installing or operating the control, ensure you check these requirements:

  • Individual Device driver required [Latest version]
  • Gigabyte Z390 M(rev.1.0) motherboard
  • Sufficient power via power supply
  • The right Model version of this Utility enabled

Driver Information

The On/Off Charge Utility for Gigabyte Z390 M (rev. 1.0) drivers ensure they enable the charging operation using the operating system even when the computer is shut down. The B18.0621.1 version provides high speed and energy-efficient processing. It ensures it monitors accurately and thus protects your device. Its drivers are supported on Microsoft platforms - Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10.