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ASRock IMB-171-L Intel ME Driver Overview

The ASRock IMB-171-L is a mini-ITX industrial motherboard that supports Intel processors on its LGA1155 socket. This motherboard has been designed specifically for industrial-grade applications that require uninterrupted performance and stable computing. ASRock IMB-171-L uses the Intel Q67 chipset and supports up to 16GB of RAM with its dual-channel DDR3 memory architecture. The ASRock IMB-171-L also features multiple expansion slots including a PCIe x16 slot, mini-PCIe slot, and a PCIe x4 slot.

List of Features

  • LGA1155 socket: Supports Intel processors
  • Intel Q67 Chipset: Provides industrial-grade performance and stability
  • Support for DDR3 Memory: Dual-channel architecture, Up to 16GB of RAM
  • Expansion Slots: PCIe x16, Mini-PCIe, PCIe x4


  • Brand: ASRock
  • Model: IMB-171-L
  • Dimensions: 170 x 170mm
  • Processor: Supports Intel processors on its LGA1155 socket
  • Chipset: Intel Q67
  • Memory: Dual-channel DDR3; Up to 16GB
  • Expansion Slots: PCIe x16, mini-PCIe, and PCIe x4

Using Technologies

The ASRock IMB-171-L utilizes Intel technology to ensure industrial-grade stability and performance. Its LGA1155 socket supports Intel i3/i5/i7 processors while its chipset is the Intel Q67. This chipset provides features like Intel AMT, Intel Matrix Storage Technology and Intel Fast Boot Technology. Also, this motherboard supports multiple expansion slots including the PCIe x16, mini-PCIe and PCIe x4 slot. All these features make ASRock IMB-171-L a powerful device capable of running demanding industrial-grade applications efficiently.

Known Issues with this Device

There are no known issues have been reported for this motherboard so far.


If you encounter any problem with ASRock IMB-171-L, consult the user manual for detailed information. You could also visit the ASRock support website, where you will find useful downloads, manuals, and frequently asked questions. You can contact the support department to get help via phone or email.

The ASRock IMB-171-L Intel ME Driver

The ASRock IMB-171-L requires drivers for proper functioning. The Intel Management Engine (ME) driver version for ASRock IMB-171-L has software components that enable operating systems to communicate with management engine firmware. The IMB-171-L Intel ME driver can be downloaded from the ASRock website, click on ‘Support’, select ‘Drivers’ then select the correct OS version supported by the driver. Installing the correct ME driver for your motherboard will ensure that computer functions are carried out effectively.