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Device Overview: MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad

The MSI GL62 6QE is a powerful gaming laptop developed by MSI which comes equipped with a Synaptics touchpad. The touchpad provides the user with a special way of interacting with their device, and this model incorporates embedded technology that helps to make multitasking and performing various actions relatively easy.

Features of the MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad

  • Multi-touch gesture support
  • Sensitive and responsive touchpad areas
  • Auxiliary buttons and features
  • High precision during gaming and actions
  • A guesture easy creator that allows for customization of gestures
  • Licenced windows touchpack

Specifications of the MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad

  • Touchpad Dimensions: 95 mm x 50 mm (lightly angled towards the user)
  • Multi-Finger gestures
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 58 mm x 383 mm x 249 mm

Using Technologies in the MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad

The MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad is equipped with special touch-sensitive cells that can convert the movement of the end user to specific information recognized by the different components in the device. It utilizes Multi-Gesture technology that allows for the user to interact directly with the touchpad surface enabling various actions. This technology can help in achieving different actions to task-switching, selecting or dragging files, browsing the internet faster, zooming or cropping images and various other scroll actions.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

  • The cursor moves too fast or too slowly:
    • You can adjust the cursor speed by going to Synaptics Pointing Device Properties > Pointer Options > move the speed slider.
  • Touchpad functionality isn't working:
    • Ensure that you have the machine-sppecific driver installed, so as to confirm the issq is not due to missing drivers
    • Contact MSI customer support or from the official website in case a software solution is unavailable.
  • Gestures aren't working:
    • Ensure that appropriate drivers are installed and working.
    • Check the gestures switch or the advanced gesture settings, then make sure all menu positions are turn on

The Driver for MSI GL62 6QE Synaptics Touchpad Driver

The Synaptics Touchpad Driver version is compatible with this device on Windows 10 64-bit. The driver can be downloaded from the MSI official website or other reliable tech websites.