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Device Description: Dynabook Tecra PT439C-00K002 ALPS Pointing Device Driver

The Dynabook Tecra PT439C-00K002 ALPS Pointing Device Driver is a software package that enables the function of the point stick on the Dynabook Tecra laptop. The device driver is compatible specifically with the Windows 8 64-bit operating system. It is intended to optimize the performance of the laptop by making the pointing stick more responsive.

Features of Dynabook Tecra PT439C-00K002 ALPS Pointing Device Driver

  • The driver provides effective management of the laptop pointing stick.
  • The driver enhances the smoothness, speed and sensitivity of the pointing stick
  • The device driver has settings for personal configuration preference
  • It features an intuitive diagnostic interface to increase troubleshooting efficiency
  • It enables the use of double-click associated with the pointing stick

Device Specifications:

The Dynabook Tecra PT439C-00K002 laptop is a type of business computer that runs on the Windows 8 operating system. It features an Intel Core i5 4300M / 2.6 GHz CPU,Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU, and 14 inch HD+ screen. It has a memory capability of 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM and a 500 GB Serial ATA hard disk drive. The device is equipped with dual-band 802 networking with Bluetooth 4.0 supporting Gigabit Ethernet, WIFI and LAN. The cameras comprise of an integrated 720p HD camera and Intel’s AMT9.5 into creating direct system access.With speaker-size SRS premium sound present within,a variety of auxiliary inputs and outputs surface via the headphone/daytime microphone combination jack,spokes running HDMI, RGB,Micro SIM and more.

Using Technologies

The Dynabook Tecra PT439C-00K002 ALPS Pointing Device Driver is built with several advanced features based on updated technological advancements. It is compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 8 though this specific driver were made virtually for Windows 8 (64-bit), which takes advantage of more significant memory banks and scalability.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

Some users have reported that the installation steps may vary depending on the specific version of Windows 8 as the procedure requires the collection and input of numerous specific commands on the command line interface of the operating system. Tenaciously ensure that the downloaded driver matches the laptop configuration to minimize, compatibility issues prompted by the version or type of operating system, which could, in turn, affect the improvement of laptop' s structural integrity. Should challenges arise, an administrator may visit the product website and run a web-based diagnostic test with reports directly from the internet, download occasional firmware and a driver pack utility package required for regular maintenance, as well operational manuals.

The ALPS Pointing Device Driver

The ALPS Pointing Device Driver (ALPS Drivers) provides support for the Point' n )Click ”contribution, a vital gadget integrated into computers, particularly devices from Toshiba's Dynabooks and Lupas of Japan, Fujitsu, Dell Computers and more. The synthetically designed device is used to achieve several functionalities of a keyboard, replacing initial methods involving mice as properly.” I hope this will meet your requirement.