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The Alps Pointing Device (2-way) Driver 5.4.1501.9 for XP is a driver software for the touchpads of laptops and other devices. The driver is compatible only with the Windows XP operating system.

List of Features

  • Supports Windows XP operating system
  • Enables gesture control for touchpad devices
  • Supports two finger gestures such as scrolling, pinch zooming and scrolling, tap and double tap, and more
  • Provides access to advanced settings for touchpad devices
  • Improved performance and stability


This driver software is designed for touchpad devices that use Alps pointing technology. It is compatible only with the 32-bit version of Windows XP. The driver version number is 5.4.1501.9

Technologies used

The Alps Pointing Device (2-way) Driver 5.4.1501.9 for XP is based on regular touchpad technology, but it expands the functionality of the touchpad devices to include advanced gesture control. For instance, touchpad devices can recognize gestures such as pinch and double-tap zooming, and more. This is achieved by the software interpreting the movements of two fingers over the touchpad area.

Known Issues with this device

There may be compatibility issues with Alps Pointing devices that are based on very old or very new hardware. Generally, those devices that were manufactured a few years before the release of the driver may not be supported. Similarly, since this driver is exclusive to the Windows XP operating system, newer versions of Windows would require a different driver.


If Alps pointing device fails to work correctly, the following steps may help:

  • Ensure the drivers are installed correctly: check to ensure that the device drivers are accurately installed and functioning correctly in the device manager. If they fail to install, download the most up-to-date version from a trusted source.
  • Clear uninstall and fresh installation: Verify that the previous version of the driver is removed altogether by following the uninstallation process. Then install the most recent driver version from a reliable source like the manufacturer's website.
  • Test another mouse device: To ensure that the touchpad device has no hardware-related faults, it is worth examining an external mouse like a USB standalone to guarantee that there are no inconsistencies with pointer control

About its driver

The Alps Pointing Device (2-way) Driver 5.4.1501.9 for XP is distributed as a standalone executable file. It can be downloaded and installed manually or by using an automatic driver installation program like Snappy Driver Installer.