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Device Overview:

The HTC Diagnostic Interface Driver is a peripheral device for Windows 7 64-bit systems. It allows the computer to recognize and communicate with HTC mobile devices properly. This driver is essential for software development, unlocking bootloader, manual firmware flashing, and more technical processes with HTC phones.

List of Features:

  • Windows 7 64-bit Compatibility
  • Allows full communication with HTC mobile devices
  • Aids in software development/processes


  • Developer: HTC
  • Version:
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 64-bit
  • File Size: 350 KB
  • License: Free

Using Technologies:

The HTC Diagnostic Interface Driver uses USB connectivity technology to establish a link between the computer and HTC mobile devices. This driver makes use of Universal Serial Bus (USB) protocols to communicate with HTC's Diagnostic Mode through object exchange (OBEX) and/or web protocol (WP). This connectivity setup allows developers to modify the software of HTC handsets and erase specific areas of mobile device memory.

Known issues with the HTC Diagnostic Interface Driver

  • Incompatibility with non-Windows based systems
  • May cause intermittent errors during installation or device communication when multiple mobile devices are connected to a single computer
  • Unrecognized HTC devices may occur in some rare cases.


If you are experiencing issues with installation or device communication, follow the recommended troubleshooting tips below:

  • Check USB cable connections and make sure that they are securely plugged in your device and computer.
  • Restart both your HTC mobile device and PC. Reconnecting again.
  • If you receive errors warning the software/hardware incompatible message, ensure that both devices – phone/computer - are for the same version of either 32BIT or 64BIT Windows edition.
  • Try uninstalling and re-installing the HTC Diagnostic Interface Driver or phone USB drvier.
  • You also can try running the installation as an administrator or with compatibility mode if using Windows 10 (right-click the installation file to select an option in the contextual menu) or check the compatibility.

The Driver:

A driver is software that enables basic communication between an operating system, like Windows, and its peripheral device. The HTC Diagnostic Interface Driver is device specific provided in their downloadable package. You can download it temporarily to your PC from most of HTC's official website. If successful, installation will lead to your properly being able to communicate and pass sensitive information and protocols to and from both devices without hassle.