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The Dynabook Satellite PSC0YC-04H026 is a laptop computer with a Realtek Card Reader Driver of version 6.1.7600.30124 designed to run on Windows 7 64-bit operating systems. The driver is a software component that enables communication between the operating system and the card reader hardware.


  • This laptop includes a Realtek Card Reader which provides technology that reads compatible flash-memory cards for transferring data between the card and the laptop.
  • Provides support for various memory card formats like SD, MMC and MS to help users transfer files and data conveniently.
  • Makes data transfer elegant by covering many card-reading operations and upgrading them.


  • Operating System- Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Card Reader- Realtek Card Reader Driver 6.1.7600.30124

Known Issues

  • The Realtek Card Reader for the Toshiba Satellite PSC0YC-04H026 may malfunction and lead to disappearing hardware related subject to environmental deficiency, changing of firmware by a computer virus, and disorganization.
  • Problematic updates and outdated versions. Windows updates, outdated versions can update wrong drivers, results in avoiding the other local devices reading data appearing.


  • Updating and Safeguarding Main Firmware- Check the satellite firmware BIOS update before performing Windows updates.
  • Address Unknown Device Problems-click start searching for 'Device Manager' by inserting a shortcut'Clost Device Manager' entering , then 'unknown device directory listing' scrolls down to test unplugged equipment. Expanding ' Install a control software package' and finding’ automatically search identified applications' updating the system directly.
  • The content in the faulty disks should be tested with two or three other machines, disregarding off chance testing like broken or not firmly plugging actual device parts in impact detachments in the environment. Replacing similar parts provided by the supplier for the computer may also be considered to avoid malfunctionals

Driver Information

The Realtek Card Reader Driver 6.1.7600.30124 for the Dynabook Satellite PSC0YC-04H026 should be downloaded online or placed on a hard disk. Upgrade the driver by contacting its official website, addresses the identified error(s) showing after providing administrative confirmation and the latest version accessed a download.